About us


SOLAR CORPORATION recognize both individuals and businesses  to reduce the cost of energy and at the same time reducing their total carbon footprint. We are a Gauteng based company which specializes in planning and sale of high quality Solar Power Systems and Solar Water Heating Systems all over Africa.


SOLAR CORPORATION's goal is to provide it's customers with efficient and effective solutions to reduce energy related costs by providing high quality, innovative products. Our products provide alternate energy sources and improve energy efficiencies in existing environments.


We started our business early 2007 and proud owners of the Solar Corporation trade mark, we were one of the few companies that received the accreditation on the Eskom Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme in 2008. To date with the solar heating systems we have installed, our customers have reduced their power consumption up to an average of 30-40% per day.

G7 Group (Pty) Ltd was established  in 2013, and has grown to become technical specialists in provision of renewable energy, power storage, hot water, wind, electrical and plumbing services. A diversified company, we specialize in providing sustainable solutions for government, commercial and domestic sectors.

SOLAR CORPORATION combined the solar heating and solar power systems as apackage in 2012 to increase each household's self-consumption to a maximum. We realized that the optional self-consumption can benefit just about anyone. Depending on the system power and the number of household members our designed solar power systems achieve a self-consumption rate of 20-40% or even higher of the overall generated power.