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Solar Corp Online

Solar Power

Solar Panels

Solar PV Modules, 12V Solar Panels, 24V Solar Panels, 30V Solar Panels, High Volt Solar Panels, 10W to 320W Solar Modules

Solar Geysers

Solar Water Heating Systems Solar Tanks, Evacuated tube Panels Flat Plate Collector Panels

Solar Geyser Accessories

Solar Valves Lagging Drip trays Thermostats Elements Evacuated Tubes Circulation Pumps Geyser Control Units


Mounting Systems

Regulators (PWM)

Solar Charge Controlers

Regulators (MPPT)

MPPT Charge Controllers

Inverters (Off-Grid)

Off-Grid and Hybrid Inverters

Grid-Tie Inverters

Grid Connected Inverters


Solar Batteries

Solar Pumps

Solar Borehole Pumps

Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps


Battery Chargers


Solar Cables


Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Connectors and Switchs